"If it can legally be done with a boat, call us for a quote"

1500 Ferry Point Bldg 167 Alameda, CA 94501 510.864.8223  VHF 16

Gary Burks

BM1 USCG (Ret). Licensed 100 ton master.  Together with Dean Lee, Founded NMT in 95 after retiring from the USCG.  Gary is the operations manager.  He caries the largest load of all NMT's employees.  Gary oversees daily, all vessel operations, dispatching, communications, advertising, etc as well as operates the Alameda based vessel.

Betty Lee

Betty is a vital part of NMT.  She brings accounting skills to the company and is responsible for handling the ever so important payroll.  She is also a main financial backer of the company.

Dean Lee

Known as the "Boss",  Dean, as in most small companies, has numerous duties ranging from financial planning to Special project coordination, as well preventative and correctional maintenance responsibilities.  Dean Brings years of business vital experience to NMT ans is the mastermind behind NMT's growth and expantion.  He is also seen getting his hands dirty on the boats when the frequent need arises!

Mike Peery

Also ex Coast Guard, Mike holds a Licensed 3rd Mate unlimited/500 ton master's license as well as a USCG Officers Commission..  He has been with NMT since early 98.  Operates the Benicia vessel and specializes in special salvage work, diving, general maintenance and fabrication.

Oliver Ryan

Oliver is our newest captain, He also holds the largest ticket, a 2nd mate unlimited/1600 ton master's license.  He routinely operates the Benicia vessel and is a vital asset in special operations outside the realm of basic assistance towing.

Jeff Traina

Jeff comes from the Offshore Oil Industry and brings with him a variety of skills from marine inspections and regulations to marine electrical services, as well as diving.  Jeff is a licensed captain holding a 3rd mate unlimited any ocean /500 ton master's license.  He operates all of our boats, and is always on scene during special operations.


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